Life gains its true worth through the stories it holds. Throughout my jewels, I aspire to narrate and immortalize your unique tale. Each piece I create becomes a vessel to weave your personal narrative, encapsulating the essence of your journey and reflecting the depth of your experiences.

Custom Made Fine Heirlooms


This is my Story...

…if I close my eyes I am transported to a world where my grandmother gently opens her precious wooden box of jewels with impeccably manicured hands revealing her stunning rings. "Mariasole" - she told me - "have a few but significant ones gifted to you. Wear them individually, yet change them frequently."

…if I lend an ear to my inner voice, I hear the wisdom of my father who taught me the values of being a remarkable entrepreneur and, above all, a good and honest person. "Only by embodying these qualities" - he told me - "we will stay alive forever".

LORISÈ is the name my grandmother used to call my father as a child. To me, it encompasses the passion for jewelry that she passed down to me, and the aspiration to establish a brand that make people feel unique by receiving a custom made fine heirloom. Through crafting bespoke pieces, we aim to make people feel truly special!


I had an old gold and diamond bracelet that I didn't like, and a precious amethyst stone that I bought during a trip in Thailand. We used them to make a new ring. I love it!

“Finally a piece that I love and always wear”


Upon the arrival of my beloved daughter Sama, I wanted two particular stones that would forever remain close to us. Since her birth, I have never taken off this ring which reflects my personality and which contains the energy of these two stones.

"I am in love with my custom jewel. It is my treasure."